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Qahwa is a traditional Arabic Coffee Recipe that is most popular Arabian cuisine. Qahwa is made from green coffee beans and cardamom. It is often served with dates. It is served from a special coffee pot called dallah and the cups are small with no handle

The word “qahwa” in Arabic means wine. Qahwa is the origin of the word coffee. In Europe, coffee was called “the wine of Arabia.” Fermenting the coffee berry is still done today in Ethiopia and some Arabian countries.

Kahwa tea helps to cleanse the digestive system and improves metabolism. It is also known to ease digestive problems such as constipation. It works best during winters. Not only this, it also helps cleanse your tummy well.

Coffee in the Peninsular region (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and the UAE) is made with lightly roasted beans. It’s often spiced with cardamom, saffron (which gives it a golden colour), cloves and cinnamon.

Sary Natural Honey , 1kg ( খাঁটি প্রাকৃতিক মধু)

বান্দার এই ব্যাপারে আল্লাহ্‌ কোন কিছুরই পরোয়া করেন না। একবার পড়ুন, জীবন পাল্টে যেতে পারে।।


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